If you’re a cyclist you must do everything possible to make drivers see you.

See me® wear™ is the brightest, most visible cycling clothing you can wear, made with true fluorescent dyes. In any light, on or off road, see me wear jerseys stand out from conventional bike wear. On overcast, foggy or rainy days they’re dramatically more visible. In dark shade most jerseys just about disappear, but see me wear still stands out.

Some drivers aren’t paying attention or are careless; but others simply don’t see you. They’ll see you when you wear see me wear. It’s your best defense for dealing with those 4,000 lb. SUVs, or deer hunters. See me wear works just as well on the trail where visibility is equally important.

Safety experts aggressively support high visibility cycling wear.

“Drivers are looking for cars and trucks, not cyclists. The brighter your clothing the more visible you are. Remember, your bicycle is small and inconspicuous. It is not easily seen. Do all you can to make sure you’re seen.”
California DOT.

“See and be seen: wear clothes that make you more visible.”
National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA)

“The most common error cyclists make is assuming a driver sees them.”
Bicycle Times, Issue 14 12/01/11

Ride with see me wear, the brightest, smartest cycling wear on the road or trail.

Order them for yourself, your family and everyone you ride with. All our products are superior quality and unconditionally guaranteed. We stand behind see me wear to make sure you stand out!