Bike Safety

There seems to almost be an adversarial

There seems to almost be an adversarial relationship between drivers and cyclists. Some drivers resent cyclists being on the road at all and some make it a point to drive as close to the cyclist as possible to ‘teach them a lesson’. This is crazy, the cyclist has every right to be on the road, BUT he should obey the rules of the road.

Some cyclists don’t follow the rules, ride through red lights, ride on the wrong side of the road, etc. This simply annoys drivers and makes all cyclists less safe.

The courteous rider is the safer rider.

We’ve noticed a certain amount of arrogance by some riders, especially on a group ride. If you’ve driven behind a string of 60 cyclists, three abreast, strung out for ¼ mile, you understand the frustration this causes. The motorist is stuck going 15 mph until a long enough straightaway for passing.

Sure the riders are within their rights, but how smart is to annoy or anger motorists? It’s pretty fundamental, no matter whose fault it is, if a car and a cyclist collide the cyclist always loses.

Be the motorist’s best friend!

For that reason, be the friendliest, most courteous and considerate cyclist you could ever meet. We want motorists to identify with us as individual human beings, not an anonymous lane hogging rider. Do this, by acknowledging the motorists, waving them by when you can see over a hill or around a curve and they can’t. Yell thank you and give them a big salute for any act of kindness; in general try to make it easier for them to get by you and get on with their business.