Bicycling News – Driver Sues Cyclist She Hit?

A New York-based photographer is suing a cyclist for $2,000 in damages to her car after rear-ending him and dragging his bike for 30 feet down Union Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Although the cyclist, artist John Roemer, rolled off the bike to avoid being dragged, he suffered a fractured hip and was in the ICU for several days as a result of the incident, which happened this past May.

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Latvian Cyclists Turn Themselves Into Cars

How do you ride safely in traffic on a bicycle? You turn that bicycle into a car! What better statement on “Sharing the road” than to show cyclists as vehicles that deserve being on the road. This is a terrific idea, but they need signage or something to let the drivers and onlookers know what […]

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Dog Deterrent Device

          My DDD – Dog Deterrent Device I ride on country roads in North Carolina where there are a lot  of dogs running free. They can be a serious problem; outrunning them is not the answer as they run in packs and are excellent at running across the tobacco fields to cut you off. We’ve tried a bunch […]

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Thanks Mirror!

I’ve written before about mirrors as safety devices on bikes, but last week my mirror really saved me from getting hit. When I ride, I constantly scan all around, always being alert for a place to ditch.  When I was younger, I raced sports cars and that’s part of the instruction you learn before you […]

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More on Bicycle Helmets

While searching the internet for fluorescent bike helmets I came across a very useful web site: .  This is the site of the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute The title of the page is, ‘Bicycle Helmets for the 2013 Season’.  However, much of the information has been updated for 2014. The Institute’s home page has […]

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