After I got hit and injured by


Jeff Bratko

After I got hit and injured by a car, I ordered two of these awesome jerseys! I can’t tell you how much safer I feel wearing this when I ride. I know that I am doing everything that I can do to make myself visible to drivers. It is our responsibility as much as drivers to ride safely. It angers me when I see cyclists doing what they know they shouldn’t be doing, and that is what makes drivers to not care about cyclists.
Jeff Bratko

I’ve actually noted a change in driver behavior when I wear my shirt. I get more space and consideration when they can see me.
Lucy Propst, Bitmingham, MI

Hi Earle, Want to let you know I received the jersey and it’s great. I did a test at night and even with only ambient light it was clearly more visible than my other jerseys. That surprised me and I think proves you got it right. Thanks again, I’ll wear it proudly.
Matt Hawkins Rochester Cycling

Hi Earle I received my jersey today, fit is great and I am very pleased with the bright colors (Brighter than I expected) and extremely pleased with the quality construction. Great product, great idea. — Thanks
Mike Ratchford

I love your product! I think it’s a great idea and feel safer when I wear it. If it is clean, it is my go-to jersey. My next jersey is likely to be another See me wear jersey. I have told many people about it. That video of the guy in the blue jersey disappearing in the shadows is very compelling. I notice blue jerseys all the time now out there and notice how they blend in to the background.
Eric Prostko

I’ve received the two See Me Wear jerseys you sent and I’m very, very happy with them. They’re bright, distinctive and are a comfortable slim fit on me. Thanks again for sending these to me.
Theodore Brown, London, England

I received my order of one X-Large See me Wear jersey today in the mail. It looks awesome! Thanks.
Phillip (Tony) Miles, Sharpsburg

I did not realize how bright the jersey was until I received it. BEAUTIFUL!!!
Phyllis Coates

Great jersey Earle and it is just what the general public needs regarding bicycle safety on our highways – The way these nuts drive today – It is horrible. I am going have to keep a watch on the website to see what else comes out. Thanks.
Rich Nagel. Stephens City, Va.

Earle, you are “Super Cool.” 🙂 I am wearing my size large jersey right now … the fit is perfect! And almost as important as the safety aspect, my wife actually thinks I look good in the jersey! (she has never said that about any other jersey I have ever worn … and I have a lot of jerseys 🙂 But the real intent of this E-mail is to thank you for your excellent customer service. I did not expect you to ship the replacement jersey until you received the return item. Your customer service exceeds expectations. It is my cynical perception that there is less-and-less quality in customer service and less-and-less trust in business in general. Thank you for putting your customer (me) first … it will not go unrewarded. I wish you considerable success with your business and always ride safe!
Coop David Cooperider – Modesto, CA