Why Fluorescent?

Wearing see me wear fluorescent bike jerseys makes you much more visible than ordinary cycling wear. Drivers will see you farther away and have more time to react to you. You don’t want to surprise them.

All our clothing is sublimation printed with true fluorescent dyes, guaranteeing the fluorescence will last.

Proven by Bicycling Magazine, “When cyclists wear fluorescent clothing, a driver’s perception distance (when the driver first sees something on the road) increases from 400 feet to 2,200 feet during the day and from 150 feet to 560 feet at night.” (December 2010, p. 34) That’s a dramatic advantage!

Under all light conditions see me wear is more visible than conventional bike clothing. In the rain or fog or heavy overcast they’re dramatically more visible and much better in deep shade.

Watch out for look alike striped jerseys that are not fluorescent, don’t be fooled by copycats. We put a see me wear jersey and a copycat in a black light box to show what happens under low light conditions.

Under daylight conditions you can be fooled, but watch what happens when we switch to black light. That’s the see me wear difference.